Athlete Assessments

What Is Your Condition At The Moment? What Is Your Training Level?

The Science Of Performance
Qwave products provide invaluable insight into physical fitness and peak performance levels based upon heart rate variability analysis and the autonomic nervous system analysis. Developed through years of extensive physiological research and collaboration with elite athletes, Qwave assessments result in exceptional accuracy and reliable results.

Why are Qwave Assessments Unique?

* Monitors functional state
The only commercially available product that monitors an athlete's functional state and adaptation process.
* Quick and easy
Assessments are performed noninvasively and can be administered as often as required.
* Reliable and accurate
An extensive scientific background including over 30 years in physiological research guarantees exceptional reliability and accuracy.
* Tests and tracks overall health
Assessments provide profound insight into overall health including training level/index to disseminate a multitude of performance responses
* Cost-effective
Affordable solution for independent fitness monitoring and comprehensive scientific reports.
* Preventative health care
Empowers individuals with knowledge of their physical state for predicting injury and illness.

Successful training relies on the perfect balance between exercise and recovery. Qwave Assessments allow users to test, track, monitor, understand and optimize physical fitness and recovery time while reducing the risk of injury and overtraining.

Training Assessment

Modern Training Requires Modern Science
Athletes today are stronger and faster than ever before. Training programs are more intensive and the human body is being pushed to lengths previously considered impossible. Now, more than ever, elite level athletes and coaches require science to guide their practice.

Why Assess Training?
As training loads, volume and intensity increase, it becomes critically important to monitor and control the body's adaptation reactions. Evaluation leads to improvement and limits the risk of overtraining and injury.

Qwave Assessments monitor the functional state of the organs as well as the following systems that can either hinder or promote improvement:
* Cardiovascular
* Metabolic
* Anaerobic
* Aerobic
* Autonomic balance

The value of comprehensive Qwave assessments increases with the frequency with which they are performed. Assessments collected over time provide insight into the adaptation process.
* Identify positive means of regeneration
* Assist in periodization of loads, volumes and intensities
* Control recovery and overall health