Qwave's interactive software delivers a workout routine designed specifically to match your goals, ability, age, gender and experience level. Just like having your own personal trainer, this intelligent system uses your results to adjust your program and guide you toward your fitness goals.

The Qwave diet system offers a variety of diets customized to conform to your unique basal metobolic rate (BMR), goals, activity level and lifestyle. The software's artificial intelligence uses your results to refine your BMR and better help you reach your weight loss goals.

 Look and feel your best
 Lose weight and trim fat
 Train for a specific event
 Stay healthy and vibrant
 Improve athletic performance
 Make informed decisions
 Visualize your progress
 Stay motivated and energized
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Qwave is an easy-to-use online application for professional heart beat analysis to support diverse aspects of well-being. The solution is developed for the needs of work-related research, occupational and preventive healthcare and applied physiological research. Qwave is designed for applied research and field measurements in which accurate information on physiology is needed but intrusive methods are not feasible.

Qwave simplifies weight management and regular exercise by providing multiple tools for tracking, monitoring, and managing workouts and diet. Qwave's unique compilations of daily energy consumption and expenditure keep both athletes and everyday individuals on track and accountable to personal goals and peak performance.

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Qwave provides important insight into your body's response to exercise by allowing you to measure physical workload, daily stress reaction and recovery, effectiveness of fitness training and EPOC. Discover the actual effects of your workout with Qwave technology in order to train safely, more efficiently and more effectively.

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Qwave provides scientific assessments of important health-related aspects, such as training level, aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, health condition, level of physical and mental stress in the body, the ability to withstand health risk factors, physical shape (fitness), and, ultimately, productivity during performance. Evaluation leads to improvement and limits the risk of overtraining and injury.

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